The F.Weixler Co. has a rich history of fine craftsmanship that has been passed down for generations.
Werner Weixler
Werner Weixler was born and raised near Stuttgart, Germany, where he apprenticed as an upholsterer. From there he expanded his expertise to interior design, art, architecture, landscaping, restoration and preservation. He was employed by ZCMI before opening his own business, combining art gallery, furniture and interior design at F. Weixler Co. near Trolley Square (then known as The Stable) he also promoted musical artists and sponsored concerts. He has continued his business on E Street in the Avenues since 1979.
Jerry Weixler
The oldest of Werner's three sons, Jerry brought his master craftsmanship to the business in the late 1970's.  Starting in a one-car garage, Jerry has built his woodshop from the ground up and now uses his vast computer skills and design expertise to create a wide variety of custom funiture.
Ron Weixler

Ron joined his father and brother as an upholsterer in the early 1980's.  Working with a myriad of fabrics in every possible pattern and texture, Ron's attention to detail and eye for color help complete each piece to make it unique and ideal for the space in which it was designed to be placed.
Rob Weixler
Since the mid-1980's Rob has been the genius behind the wood finishing side of the business.  His artistic abilities are showcased in the finishes he puts on every piece of furniture.  A painter in his own right, Rob uses his finely-tuned aestheticism to add the "finishing" touches to all of the company's fine wood pieces.