Giving the Gift of Art

Giving the Gift of Art

a helpful guide for Buying Art as a Gift

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Fine Art makes a Memorable Gift

Choosing artwork for your special someone is an excellent way to show how much they mean to you. Thinking of what makes this person unique is a perfect place to start when selecting a piece of art. What is their personal style? How do they decorate their home or office? What do they enjoy doing in their free time? What are their passions? If your special someone loves hiking in the mountains, a painting of a mountain range would be perfect. If they love surfing, a ocean scene will remind them of the days spent on the waves.

Small Artwork can have a Big Impact

Selecting a small piece of art can provide flexibility, allowing the giftee the ability to hang their new piece on a wall, placed on a mantel, or even sitting on their bedside table. If you are unsure of your special someone's style, or maybe they don't have much décor, giving groupings of small pieces that can be hung together can be a good way to make sure the art will fit in. Mountain Barn

Personalize it

Writing a note explaining why this specific piece reminded you of them can help the giftee connect with the piece like you did. Including information about the artist or the artwork will help them understand and connect with the piece. Knowing the story behind the gift will make it even more meaningful.
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There is no wrong way to gift art